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Source: Bob Lorenz

Forest Conservation & Urban Trees

Trees are the original green infrastructure. Leaves and branches intercept rain as it falls. Roots help to loosen compacted soils and soak up rain water once it seeps into the ground. Trees filter runoff and help to reduce pollution in the watersheds that they occupy. Considering the health of your urban canopy or the riverine riparian cooridor is a good and economical first step at reducing runoff and improving the environment. 


Do you have any resources in your area to help you plant trees and improve canopy cover?  Take a look at our resources below and contact us if you have more information about resources that should be added to our list. 


Request a tree from the Urban Resources Initiative in New Haven, CT:


Learn more about how to contribute to tree planting efforts in Bridgeport, CT:


Find out more about how the Regional Water Authority protects drinking water resources in Connecticut:


Learn more about how the New York Department of Environmental Protection invests in forest restoration and agricultral best-management-practices to enhance and protect the New York City drinking water supply:


Request a tree from the New York City Parks Department:


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